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Teachers as Research project; 21st Century Learner Skills:

As part of our 21sst Century Learner Teachers as Researchers Project, CQCC has put an emphasis on learning and practicing the skills necessary to become more organised and independent learners. We sent out this survey at the beginning of the year and used the results to identify what skills we needed to help students further develop during 2015. It's time to see how far students have come by taking the survey again. For better results, we ask that you fill out the survey multiple times - once per student.
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Swimming Starts Term 4

Dear Parents,

Term 4 is here and swimming is starting!

  • Prep to Year 8 lessons will be on Wednesdays, starting Wednesday 7 October 2015.
  • Year 9-12 lessons will be on Mondays, starting Monday 12 October 2015.

Our Swimming Carnival will be on Monday 16 November 2015.

Prep to Year 8 students need to return their consent form (attached below) by Wednesday 7 October 2015.

Warm regards,
Michael Appleton

Athletics Day this Wednesday the 29th July 2015

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to Athletics Day this coming Wednesday. You are invited to come along and participate: we need volunteers to help run events and a crowd to cheer students on.

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: Central Queensland University Sports Oval

Dress: Sports Uniform
School hat
Black sneakers or shoes for running
(Tagged sprint shoes may be used for running events, but should be
taken off for the other events)

Food: Healthy Morning Tea and Lunch
(chips, lollies, chocolate, soft drink not permitted)

Expressions of Interest for Distance Education Invited

Distance Education Family
Central Queensland Christian College was established by Peace Christian Church in 1993, initially as a Primary school but now offers a full program from Prep to Year 12. Our graduates can receive an OP and we have seen students enter University to study Law, Veterinary Science, Podiatry, Multimedia, Teaching and more.

New Website and Facebook Page for Distance Education

Distance Education
This week we have launched a new website for our proposed Distance Education service. It is in the first stage of development and may be found here.
At the same time, we have started a new Facebook Page. It may be found here.
You are invited to "like" this page and share it with friends you think may be interested.

Status Update Re Water Supply

Dear Parents,
You are probably already aware of the current water situation in Rockhampton but I am sharing the Council's update below in case you missed it.
In response to this situation, CQCC has arranged a supply of bottled water and will allocate one bottle per student per day.
While the water in our pipes is currently deemed safe we are aware that some people are experiencing headaches and nausea. We are taking this measure to ensure students can stay focused on learning. It is also a contingency if the water supply does become unsuitable.
Warmest regards,
Michael Appleton


Newsletter Created by Year 9-12 Students

Click the attachment below to open

School Closed Friday 20 February 2015

We have been watching the movements of Cyclone Marcia closely throughout the day and it is currently predicted that it will cross the coast tomorrow morning near Yeppoon, with Rockhampton experiencing winds of up to 150km per hour. While the rain is very welcome and we pray that it would go right out West, we are also praying that there would be no damage or destruction.

Even if Marcia fizzled out and become a rain depression, it is likely that we will receive a lot of rain in the next 24hrs with the possibility of flash flooding.

In light of these conditions, please be advised that there will be no school tomorrow.

At this time we encourage each family to make appropriate preparations for the cyclone and stay up-to-date through local media.

We pray that each one of you will be kept safe through this time and we look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday as Monday is a Pupil-Free Day.

Warmest regards,
Michael Appleton

Homework Club

Please see the attachment below for information about Homework Club, and use the links below to register.

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