Public Notice: Distance Education

NOTICE is hereby given that:

Central Queensland Christian College Limited,
Cnr Reaney and Schoolhouse Sts, Berserker 4701
has lodged an application for government funding with the
Non-State Schools Accreditation Board for
Distance Education
founded on the philosophy and beliefs of Peace Christian Church.

The enrolment catchment area relevant to the application is
the State of Queensland.

Anyone may inspect the application and accompanying documents at the
registered office of the applicant,

Year 5-6 Visual Arts Lesson at home 20 Feb 2015

From Miss Toohey:
This is the moth the Year 5/6 students discovered outside the classroom earlier today. Some of the students were a bit disappointed to miss out on their art lesson tomorrow. We have placed this photo on our website so students can see it to draw.

Instructions for Year 5/6 Students:
Study this photo of a moth. Take note of the shapes, lines & colours.
Practise your observational drawing skills and try to copy this moth in the same detail.
Remember, you may need to draw it more than once! Keep all your copies and number them in the order drawn.

Click on the link to enlarge it


At Central Queensland Christian College we understand that the early years of a child's life are vitally important. We aim to support parents through a variety of services to help give every child a great start in life.

  • Educational Playgroup
  • Development of Pre-Prep Daycare for commencement in 2016/2017

Educational Playgroup is designed for the educational needs of children aged 3, 4 and 5 years old, preparing to enter school. The program is facilitated by a qualified childcare professional each Thursday morning.

Distance Education

Central Queensland Christian College has established a strong educational program that is based on a Christian worldview and aligned with the Australian Curriculum. It is now accredited to provide this program through distance education and is looking for expressions of interest from parents who may be interested in this service.

Stages of implementation:


  • Secondary Pilot Program commences


  • Secondary Program Launch

Books and Films used in CQCC's Education Program

Central Queensland Christian College has a careful process for approving books and films to be used the education program. Below is a list of books and films that are approved. Some have been edited to remove bad language or content that we did not wish to include. This list is designed as a reference for teachers implementing the educational program and for interested parents.


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  • [Title], [Year level], [Subject], [Unit]


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  • [Title], [Year level], [Subject], [Unit]

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