Policy and Procedure

Child Risk Management Strategy


The purpose of this strategy is to eliminate and minimise risk to child safety to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students.

This policy applies:

  • To all students, parents, employees (full-time, part-time, permanent, fixed term and casual), contractors, volunteers, people undertaking work experience or undertaking vocational placement.
  • On and off school property.
  • Before, during and after school hours.

Senior Verification Checklist

For each subject:
[ ] Completed Form R6
[ ] Form R2 for Approved Work Program
[ ] Approved Work Program
[ ] Clean Instruments - Blank copies of each assessment task
[ ] Expected answers for each assessment task where appropriate

For each sample folio:
[ ] Folder labelled "Sample A", "Sample B" etc
[ ] Completed Student Profile

For each assessment task:
[ ] Assessment sheet with Student's name, mark and criteria sheet, annotated where appropriate
[ ] Student work, annotated where appropriate

Policy for Late or Non Submission of an Assignment

Scope: Years 7-12

Context: Subjects in Year 11 and 12 use Queensland's system of externally moderated school-based assessment and has based this policy on the principles of that system.

In Years 7-12 CQCC uses a standards-based approach to assessment. Judgements of student achievement are made by matching a folio of student work to the standards associated with the relevant subject. This body of evidence is students' responses to assessments conducted. E.g. assignments, exams, etc.

Parent Letter Checklist

[ ] Draft Letter
[ ] Mail Merge
[ ] Proof Read
[ ] Print on Letterhead
[ ] Package in Envelope
[ ] Distribute / Post
[ ] Email
[ ] Text message
[ ] Facebook

Memos - a vehicle for internal communication

To assist in internal communication, memos shall be issued via email.
It is expected that all staff check email reguarly.
Staff should plan to check your email each time they come to school.
Staff who do not have a computer assigned to them may use a classroom computer to do so.

Appropriate Use of Email and Phone - the correct tool for the correct occasion

While we have the expectation that staff would check their email at least once each day they are at work, email should not be used as a method of communication if the matter is urgent.

For example: Mary checks her email at 8:00am on Monday. Bob sends her an email at 9:00am Monday. Mary doesn't receive the message until 8:00am Tuesday when she checks her email again. Or when Mary tries to check her email on Tuesday a student nearby has an injury and Mary needs to attend to him. The flow of events that day means that Mary doesn't get to check her email again until Wednesday morning.

Accreditation Assessment Visit 2009

Welcome to our Accreditation Assessor for 2009!

Please find following links or references to the documentation you have requested:

With respect to the Governing Body:

  1. Constitution of Central Queensland Christian College Ltd
  2. Current Membership of Central Queensland Christian College Ltd
  3. Copies of Positive Notice Blue Cards for all directors

Corporate Structure

Central Queensland Christian College Limited

Board of Directors
Company Membership

  • There are no formal or legal relationships with any other entities.
  • As specified in the Constitution, members of the company must be members of Peace Christian Church (an un-incorporated association). However the College is a completely separate legal body and is not owned or controlled by Peace Christian Church.

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest for a school board/council member involves, situations in which the members private interests may be incompatible or in conflict with his/her school board responsibilities.

A conflict of interest may be:

  1. Actual: When a member has a private interest that is sufficiently connected to his/her duties and responsibilities as a board/council member that it influences the exercise of these duties and responsibilities.


ASIC registration ACN 058 556 764

ABN: 91 058 556 764

Central Queensland Christian College Limited is a not-for-profit company that is registered as a Charitable Institution

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