Michael Appleton

Hello and welcome to Central Queensland Christian College!

We are dedicated to helping each child reach their potential: academically, spiritually and socially, in a safe, caring environment.

We encourage students to enjoy friends, fun, learning, and life itself.

Please consider enrolling your child, preparing them for their future.

Warmest regards,

Michael Appleton,

Having a Blast; Enjoying a Splash

Having a Blast; Enjoying a Splash

Swimming lessons are extremely important for every Australian student to attend; confidence in the water could save lives in the future. But while it’s crucial for children to learn to swim, it’s also just plain fun! We’ve seen some hot days this summer and the kids absolutely love getting in the pool. PE Teacher, Mr Gorge, balances the fun with instruction and it’s really wonderful to see how fast the kids are learning and improving their swimming skills! we have had heaps of fun 2012 is two days away!

Welcome Aboard Mrs Shepherd!

Welcome Aboard Mrs Shepherd!

Mrs Shepherd will be assisting with the Legal Studies elective this term. She’s had four years experience as a law clerk, earned a Certificate 3 in Education, is completing a Bachelor of Laws at CQU and is a full-time mother of five beautiful children. We’re so excited to have her aboard!

Graduate: Levi

Graduate: Levi

Levi is one of Central Queensland Christian College’s inspiring graduates. Since completing his Year 12 studies in 2011, he has become a Real Estate trainee at Licorice Property. Levi soon begins his training for a Real Estate Licence and hopes to move into sales in the future. He encourages students to work hard, finish Year 12 and simply enjoy being at school.

School's Back

School's Back

2012 has arrived and so has the school year! We kicked off the school term with the biggest School Assembly in Central Queensland Christian College’s history with 80 students! It’s so exciting to see God answering our prayers and bringing wonderful families to the school. Please continue to pray for enrolments for 2012 and 2013 and ask God to bless our amazing students, staff and families with a wonderful year.

Welcome to School!

Welcome to School!

Meet this year’s adorable Central Queensland Christian College Prep Class: Samuel S., Ei-Seul, Ethan, Samuel M., Brielle and Stephen (Left to Right). The long-awaited first day of school was very exciting for the Preps, parents, teachers and older students. Little Samuel M. was enjoying school so much, he declared he would bring his bed to school so he could live in his classroom!

Timetable Adjustment

Dear Parents,

Please note on the weeks where there is a Public Holiday or a Pupil Free Day, our timetable is altered.

Wednesday will be a 'Day 2.' Prep - Year 3 will wear sports uniform.
Thursday is a 'Day 4.' Prep – Year 3 will be in sports uniform again.
Friday is a 'Day 5.' Year 4 – 12 will be in sports uniform.

Because there is no 'Day 3' this week, Year 4 – 12 will not be having a swimming lesson.

Altering our timetable in this way means that subjects timetabled for Monday aren't missed, as a lot of Public Holidays fall on Mondays.

Piano Lessons

Dear Parents,

Emily S. is completing her Year 12 this year and has some spare periods she is making available for young piano beginners. She is offering to give lessons to students in Prep – Year 5.

Lessons will be held in the last session on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

The cost will be $10 for 20 minutes or $15 for 30 minutes.

Piano students will need a $15 music book, provided by Emily, and a standard exercise book.

Meet the Principal

Morning Bulletin Feature published Wednesday 8 February 2012


Principal’s Name:

  • Michael Appleton

Name of School:

  • Central Queensland Christian College

How long have you served at your school?

  • 6 years

What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

  • Smiles on faces

What are your ambitions/goals for the school year?

  • To see young people grow in character and maturity
  • To help new staff settle in
  • Continued development of buildings and grounds


We have a new timetable this year with changes to uniform days for some students.

For Prep students, Dress Uniform is to be worn Mondays. Sports Uniform is to be worn on all other days.

For the rest of the student body, Dress Uniform is to be worn each day other than the following, when Sports Uniform is to be worn.
Sports Uniform
Year 1-3: Tuesdays & Thursdays (Timetable Days 2 & 4)
Year 4-7: Wednesdays & Fridays (Timetable Days 3 & 5)
Year 8-12: Wednesdays & Fridays (Timetable Days 3 & 5)


You are invited to attend our information night this coming Wednesday the 1st of February at 7pm. There are important updates that every parent needs to be aware of. You will also be informed of what students are studying this term, homework and assignment expectations, and how to keep communication flowing between yourself and the teacher. On the social side, it’s a good time to meet other parents over great coffee and snacks. Your attendance at this event means a lot to our staff as we try to develop strong parent-teacher partnerships.

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