Status Update Re Water Supply

Dear Parents,
You are probably already aware of the current water situation in Rockhampton but I am sharing the Council's update below in case you missed it.
In response to this situation, CQCC has arranged a supply of bottled water and will allocate one bottle per student per day.
While the water in our pipes is currently deemed safe we are aware that some people are experiencing headaches and nausea. We are taking this measure to ensure students can stay focused on learning. It is also a contingency if the water supply does become unsuitable.
Warmest regards,
Michael Appleton


Rockhampton Regional Council: Changes to Rockhampton Water Supply

Rockhampton's water supply stored in our reservoirs and delivered to your homes - remains safe although not pretty.

However, there is a difference between water already in the reservoir and that at the water treatment plant.

Increasingly the water that's coming out of Alligator Creek (where the brunt of the cyclone was felt) has higher levels of manganese and it has now reached the point where output from the Glenmore Treatment Plant; even after treatment, is just above Australian Guidelines. The water already in the reservoirs remains within Australian standards and is safe to drink.

Manganese is an element that is found in air, soil, and water. It is an essential metal for normal healthy human growth and development.

Manganese is heavily concentrated in water that has high levels of rotted debris and this is an unfortunate aftermath of TC Marcia.

Our treatment Plant cannot remove such high concentrations of Manganese despite additional treatment activities being done.

Council is taking a number of actions including opening the barrage gates and trying to flush the Alligator Creek water through, (Our staff went up river yesterday and advise that water coming from further down the river itself is in much better condition). In the meantime Council is asking residents to conserve water. Our reservoirs should contain two to three days supply if residents refrain from using water outdoors and we seek the cooperation of you all in limiting such use.

Council has set up water stations to provide water to those members of the community concerned about the colour and taste of the water. Residents are asked to bring their own containers to fill from the water stations.

Water stations are available between 11am - 1pm and 4-6pm at:
- Heritage Village Car Park, Boundary Road
- Church Park Car Park, Glenmore Road
- Juds Park Car Park, Norman Road
- O’Shanesy Street, Gracemere at the Water Tanker Filling station.
- Central Park, Murray Street.

Bottled water will also be available to members of the public with priority to those with a specific or sensitive need. (Council is trying to source additional bottled water; however, there will be some restrictions to availability).

Manganese is an extremely difficult element to remove from drinking water with effective options being in the vicinity of $30-$40 million.

Drinking small amounts of the water directly from the treatment plant is unlikely to cause problems, but given that the water standard has been marginally exceeded Council is taking this matter very seriously indeed.